About Us

Cavendish Cases – the home of high quality mobile technology cases and fashion accessories.

Inspired by the stunning and elegant surroundings of our home city, Edinburgh, we established Cavendish Cases to offer something a little different.

Our own search to find well designed, high quality leather cases for the latest technology additions to our home in the form of an iPad and, of course, the exceptionally brilliant iPhone, delivered only disappointment.

We found ourselves immersed in a market place, both on the high street and online, offering an overwhelming array of heavily branded plastic and low quality cases. Even where leather cases were offered, we struggled to get beyond the increasingly familiar sea of so-called ‘designer’ brands. We could find nothing that quite met our aspirations.

And so, Cavendish Cases was created. Our aims are to achieve style with functionality, offer something a little different, both distinctive and unusual with more than just a hint of handcrafted luxury. Due to popular demand we have since extended our offering to include other high quality fashion accessories in keeping with our core values.

The approach and philosophy of the designers we work with lie at the core of our business – genuine leather and materials of quality and distinction enabling exceptional performance. It has to be just right. We do not feel this is too much to ask so we hope that you will like our collection.